Temperature Forecasting

Temperature Forecasting & Filtering Tool

Beat the heat! Use this temperature forecasting tool to ship your wine safely.

Know which of your orders can be delivered to safe temperatures in just 2 steps:
1) Choose your wine shipping temperature threshold.
2) Filter your order file to locate safe shipments.
Temperature threshold:
  1. Set your "safe shipping" temperature range using the drop downs below.
  2. Click on each tab to review the national forecast for the next 5 days.
  • Low Temp:
  • Hi Temp:
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Feb 2
  • Feb 3
  • Feb 4
  • Thinking... Thinking


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Enter Zip Codes:

Zip Code:   

Order File Filtering:
  1. First, use our sample order file to see how the filtering works:
          Click this link to download the sample file and save it to your computer.
          Follow the instructions below, using 'Browse' to find the file you just downloaded, and choosing 'Column F' for destination zip code.
  2. Next, select any .xls or .csv order file from your computer that includes a destination (ship-to) zip code column.
    (NOTE: If the order file is an Excel (.xls) file, make sure the sheet with your destination address data is the first (left-most) sheet in the workbook.)
  3. Choose the column from the drop down in that contains the destination zip code.
  4. Press the "Analyze Shipment File" button to view the results.
Select a .csv or .xls file to analyze:
Column with Destination Zip Code:  
Analyze Shipment File
Use of information: ShipCompliant will not use or store any information submitted in Excel or comma seperated value form to this tool.